Our workshops are a perfect platform to introduce a recycling or nature-based topic or theme. Our sessions are fun, interactive and can focus specifically on the age group, key stage level and ability.

The one thing all of our sessions have in common is a friendly and relaxed feel where the children can explore their inner creativity and are able to use nature to craft and create to their heart’s content.

Our School Workshops are priced at £120 for 1.5 hour session.

“Very interesting and informative. Actively supported EYFS Understanding the World and EAD strands. All children enthusiastic and engaged in both activities, sessions were excellent.” – Joanne Lillycrop, Mortimer Primary

Immersive Literacy

Our Immersive Literacy Workshops are designed to transport children into the magical world of fairy tales and stories.

The children will make their own eco-crafts enabling them to personalise characters and props to recreate their very own kind of storytelling. Lots of opportunities for early language development and confidence building, the sessions are always friendly, engaging and inspiring.

Our Immersive Literacy workshops are priced at £120 for 1.5 hour session.

“Teacher friends – this was absolutely fab this morning. Watch out for my post on my school page as the writing and storytelling language that came from 4 and 5-year-olds afterwards has blown my socks off. Totally recommend.” – Melissa Baker, Ridgeway Academy Primary

Nature Therapy for SEND

Nature therapy aims to improve wellbeing through unique interactions with the natural world around us. Your children will benefit from regular and valuable outdoor experiences where they will connect with nature through sensory and seasonal exploration.

Sessions are relaxed and friendly and are designed to encourage confidence building, holistic learning and are based on the popular Forest School ethos.

Nature Therapy will help your children to regain a more natural sense of calm, removing barriers to learning which they may find in the classroom. Fresh air, birds singing and learning about the wonderful world around us will increase a sense of wellbeing and meaningful engagement.

There is no pressure to perform, just relax, enjoy and learn in a way that is natural and individual to each learner.

Benefits of Nature Therapy

  • Walls and barriers to classroom learning are removed. Children have freedom to explore nature at their own pace.
  • The outdoor environment provides a natural sense of calm and tranquillity which improves concentration skills.
  • Nature Therapy sessions increase self-esteem and confidence providing small achievable tasks planned around the ability of the learner. Activities are always achievable and positive reinforcement encourages sense of accomplishment.
  • Environmental art therapy uses nature as a platform to craft and create and is a safe outlet for children to express their thoughts, feelings and emotions.
  • Small groups provide and opportunity of relating and understanding each other’s art work and builds up the trust and confidence to talk about it together.
  • Sessions are mostly child led. Activities are planned and resources provided, however the children are free to decide whether they would like to take part or follow their own line of enquiry. Allowing the children this freedom promotes confidence in choosing their own learning.
  • Improved social skills through smaller group size, problem solving and working in teams. Assists in peer relationship building.
  • Language development when talking about new skills and experiences.
  • Positive and friendly encouragement to craft and create to their hearts content.
Structure of Nature Therapy Sessions

The structure of Nature Therapy differs from school to school depending on needs and requirements. It is recommended that a programme is drawn up where the children have regular and frequent sessions where they can visit a natural environment. The longer the sessions continue the more benefit the child receives.

We implement and deliver the initial Nature Therapy sessions; however our vision is that the school is eventually able to plan, staff and deliver the sessions themselves. We want the sessions to be sustainable and to continue as long as possible. It would therefore be of benefit if the same member of staff was able to attend all of the sessions. We both hold enhanced DBS checks so we are able to take the groups without staff, however we feel it would benefit the school more to be part of the sessions.

Our Nature Therapy programme is priced at £120 for a 1.5 hour session, however block bookings will be discounted.

Forest and Coastal Schools

We can deliver Forest and Coastal School programmes either as stand-alone sessions or combined to explore two very different environments. Forest School sessions are based either in school grounds or at our community Forest School area and Coastal Schools are based along our beautiful coastline.

Regular outdoor sessions immersed in the environment inspire individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences and provide them with an opportunity to appreciate the wider natural world and encourage nature conservation in later life. These are the building blocks of a more sustainable world.

We are also able to develop and create your in-school Forest School area, including children and parents in the process to build your perfect outdoor experience. Please speak to us and we can come and give you a programme quote.

Our Forest and Coastal School programme is priced at £120 for a 1.5 hour session, however block bookings will be discounted.