We were awarded funding from the National Lottery to test whether time in nature had a positive effect on people’s mental health.

We wanted to provide a place of safety where people can come along and learn new skills, use natural materials to craft and create with and try their hand at campfire and clay oven cooking.

We focused our sessions on three main user groups; young parents, adults and families with children with additional needs.

Feedback from the sessions has been fantastic, showing that time in nature has a huge effect on people’s moods and positive mental health. It was also highlighted that the support between group members and delivery staff was extremely well thought of and something that we will focus on with future funding opportunities.

The Together Green projects measured the well-being and mental health of people in the short term, we would like to further our research to see how it affects people in the longer term.

They have been wonderful. My mother had two different cancers last year and we have come to the group together and been able to move forward from that time in a positive way. I also have three adopted children with added needs and this gives me some space for me which has been valuable to helping me relax recharge then I’m ready to help my children again.

Anon, 18/11/2020