Williby Roc’s was originally created in April 2016 as a response to intensive waste-producing birthday parties and celebrations. We wanted to offer an environmentally friendly alternative for people who are more environmentally minded and wanted to see change in the way parties are prepared and delivered.

There was a huge response to our offer and Williby Roc’s soon diversified into delivering events and workshops, inspiring children and families to use materials that are easily at hand to craft and create with. We have worked with a huge number of community groups, schools and local businesses across the North East, promoting a more environmentally friendly way of living.

In May 2018, Williby Roc’s transformed from a for-profit partnership into a Community Interest Company. We made the decision to enter the wonderful world of Social Enterprise as our work has always focussed around helping our local community and educating children, families and schools about the natural world around us.

We are a non-profit organisation and are now able to access funding and any addition income to running costs will be reinvested back into the CIC to fund more fabulous projects for the local community.

Together, we aim to make Williby Roc’s the very best it can be and help as many people from our local community as we can.