Our Women in Nature group is a friendly, welcoming and sacred space for women to get together and enjoy the bounty of nature. This monthly group is a supportive environment where you can learn new skills, meet new friends and enjoy being outdoors. We invite guest well-being activity specialists to come along as well as a range of eco arts and crafts to try your hand at.

Every Women in Nature session is finished off around the campfire cooking healthy hearty food and there is always a vegan/vegetarian option on offer. Refreshments are provided throughout.

“Hi, just wanted to show my support by telling you what your sessions mean to me:
When I book a session with Williby Roc’s I honestly get so excited. The sessions give me much needed “me” time away from my family and the chance to relax and enjoy nature and the outdoors. Both those things have had a dramatic and positive impact on my mental health since I had my youngest child 7 years ago and suffered with severe post-natal depression. The sessions mean I can socialise with other like-minded individuals and be inspired to try out and learn new skills. I would love their sessions to continue to support others who may have struggled with their mental and physical well-being as they go a long way to promoting it for everyone of all ages.”

Anon, 05/04/2020