Lots of people from around the world are starting to look towards eco bricks as a way of taking personal responsibility for the plastic waste that they produce.  It is a local action that people can easily get involved with to help deal with our huge global plastic problem.  The Eco Brick Movement is an excellent way to educate about plastics and waste, reduce the amount of plastics sent to landfill and manage our plastic consumption.

This grassroots movement is community-powered with people getting involved for the collective good, rather than financial gain.  There is a large global network of people from all over the world jumping on board with eco bricking, sharing, supporting and spreading the word.

We decided to become a collection point back in October when a friend introduced us to the concept of eco bricking and the many benefits it has.  There was no collection point in South Tyneside so we decided to become one, collecting Eco Bricks with the idea of building a structure for the community.  Since then, we have been delivering assemblies to schools in South Tyneside to spread the word and encourage schools to undertake an Eco Brick project of their own.  Please get in touch if you think your school would like to get involved.

Collection Point South Tyneside:
Bilton Hall Community Trust
Taunton Avenue
Low Simonside
NE32 3RT

We have created a group on Facebook as a platform for support, discussion and information.  You can find it at www.facebook.com/groups/495467564300951/